White’s MX SPORT Metaldetector

The Whites MX SPORT is a dream of a metal detector! It really is!

If you are a Semipro-Treasurehunter, this is it!


whites mx sport metal detector whites_metalldetektor_ mxsport_unterwassersuche whites_mxsport_detektor_ansicht whites_mxsport_metalldetektor_gesamtansicht










Technical specifications:

+ „Allrounder“ for the Detection on Land & Water c
+ Completely new waterproof design!
+ 13.8 kHz operating frequency VLF Technology
+ new waterproof, 25cm double D search coil suitable for all soil types optional search coils available
+ 7 operating modes: all metals, coins and jewelery, beach, relics, gold prospecting, Hi-Trash
+ Pinpoint optional
+ automatic ground balance or preset ground balance
+ 20-target ID segments for optimum metal detection
+ 22 audio tones provide the user with an intuitive metal detection
+ static point positioning for quick and accurate pinpointing of the finds
+ correct depth of the finds in a 2-digit conductance
+ individual discrimination settings possible
+ Backlight adjustable
+ Volume control ergonomic rod, 3 – pcs Suitable for all body sizes. adjustable in length from 102,5cm – 125cm
+ Hard rubber handle for a perfect non-slip grip of the detector
+ Armrest adjustable for different arm lengths
+ Battery warning
+ Battery supply 8 St. 1.5 Volt Mignon, commercially batteries can be used
+ Headphone circuit