White’s Metal Detectors

The US company White`s built in 1987 the first programmable and highly successful digital metal detector, named EAGLE. The successful models were called MXT, DFX and Spectrum XLT. The highly valued worldwide company White`s is now one of the absolute top manufacturers on detectors market . The detectors are of very good quality

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 whites metalldetektorWhites Coinmaster +WENN SIE HEUTE BESTELLEN : Kopfhörer + Spulenschutz + Grabungsschutz-Handschuhe

We recommend this detector to all beginners with a price of max. 250 Euros,  more technology and performance is really hard to get in this price range.

We beware before buying SCRAP.

Whites Coinmaster Pro + WENN SIE HEUTE BESTELLEN : Kopfhörer + Spulenschutz + Handschaufel + Fundtasche595_0

Tone-ID switchable 3-tone signal display for better identification of the located objects (iron = low tone, non-ferrous and precious metals = medium & high tone)


Whites Coinmaster GT +658_0
Whites Bullseye II Pinpointer + Spulenschutz + Kopfhörer

Automatic Ground Balance (Autotrac) with Trac-Lock option for highly mineralized soils


White's MX5 Metallsonde Whites MX5

The MX5 is an „all-round“ detector to search for coins, jewelry, relics and Militaria – on all types of soil! The sophisticated auto ground balance scores with very good-natured localization behavior even on problem soils such as on wet ocean beaches or on heavy clay soils.


597_0Whites Matrix M6 +
Spulenschutz + Kopfhörer in Schutzbox

„Allround“ operating frequency of 14 kHz

Gold, silver, bronze, alloys, iron (all metals can be located)


Metalldetektor TIEFENSONDE Whites TM808 V. 2014 DEEPSEEKER

From a total mass of about 0.3 l beverage cans size can only take a localization. The advantage resulting from this is a rapid location of large parts on heavily littered with small parts locations (for example, on aircraft crash sites or ancient settlement sites) Only the most major parts located.