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The Compadre SE V2 is THE ideal unit with an excellent price-performance ratio. The user benefits from proven technology at a very moderate price.

Silver µmax V2 


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The new Tesoro Silver V2 is suitable for detectorists-beginners and advanced. For all seekers suitable who want an easy but effective operation and a detector „a lifetime“ holds.

Cibola SE


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The Cibola  combines all the advantages of high-performance technology to a powerful detector, a simple and logical Metal Detector!

Designed for all treasure hunters who don’t want to have many adjustment knobs but .. without compromising perfection.


Vaquero 2 Germania


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Tesoros successful „allround“ detector for flexible  use!

Robust purism and ease of use rather than „gimmick“. The performance counts! Typically Tesoro.

The new FIX setting soil reconciliation and the possibility of individual manual adjustment of the new 270 ° potentiometer, ensures high sensitivity to different soil conditions. Herewith the Germania is significantly lighter and faster than the older Vaquero.

De Leon



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The De Leon is a good „all round“ detector and suitable for many different soil conditions.

Problem soils make this detector from nothing. The beach search to highly mineralized, alkaline and wet sand bottom works great radiolocation stable.

Tejon V2

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Robust purism and ease of use rather than „gimmick“. The performance counts! Typically Tesoro.

In cooperation with professional treasure hunters Tesoros originated most powerful detector. The Tejon Black V2 is equipped with a high-power oscillator. The signals are sent even deeper into the ground – increasing the performance to the maximum! The well-known Tesoro small parts sensitivity could be increased! True to the motto: Find what leave others!


Lobo Supertraq



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The unit is very well suited for the archaeological prospection and general antique looking. At high scrapping the bottom of exactly adjustable discriminator (scrap filter) is a great help. The detector shows extreme sensitivity to the slightest coins filiganen jewelry and even on mini gold nuggets.

The new Lobo Supertraq, small metal parts such as Barbed radicals and nails easily and precisely by slightly larger iron parts such as identified by desired objects such as crossbow bolts and separated accordingly. The exact pinpoint location and ease of use ensure a very fast prospecting. Not without reason is the Lobo Supertraq from a variety of detectorists-Bet Search the winner.



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Advanced technology with optical and acoustic metal discrimination in Tesoro quality.

The wide 9-stage segment display has the advantage of pulling apart the localizations of minimal (iron) to a maximum (for example, silver or bronze massive objects). This creates attention to the average readings as valuable gold rings, nickel jewelery and allows better detection of worthless junk like pull tabs from aluminum cans and crown caps. Those who opt for a Tesoro metal detector, opts for quality, strength and super value retention.



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