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Made by me with proud! I’m a normal german guy! Ok, in general I am a crazy detectorist at all. 🙂

Not everybody in Germany speaks or reads german language as well as I can.

That’s why I have invented and of course for the rest of the entire world.

I am here to show you some great instruments for treasurehunting, to get the artifacts, the coins, militaria and jewelry you want like I do!

I hope you get your right metal detector soon, to start your own adventure!

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…we know how to find treasure!


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A metal detector is a machine that is used to identify metal buried deep under the soil. It is known for the detection of hidden metalobjects or jewelry.

10930764_1192329730796756_4304178217052185336_oMetal Detecting Tips for Beginners:

If you are new to metal detecting and want to take it up as a hobby and don’t want to spend to much money, this article will be very useful as an information to guide and shaping your mind on the course you intend to venture into as a metal detectorist. This guide will take you through essential tips and the relevant laws to protect you.

Tips: Learn how to detect metal

Metal detecting is not a challenging venture as one thinks; it is a job that requires you to learn the process and put to practice what you have learned. There are various sites to start your scavenging, but the key to metal detecting is for you to know the location and also mastering the machine. Be patient, take your time – that’s the key to success!

Tips: Choosing Your First Metal Detector

You can go through the manual and after that visit a nearby park and start treasure hunting. You may not get it right at first but don’t be worried it is usual for a start; I assure you with constant practice you will surely scale through and become excellent. It will need some time to master the settings. You need to do further research as to locating the best hunting sites. I want to encourage you personally to keep the faith as you will undoubtedly pool through.

2014-12-19 01.32.58 Tips: Learn How to Swing your Metal Detector

It is imperative to understand that the style applied in swinging your detector is paramount as determining the settings of your detector. Metal detecting has a known traditional method that states that you turn slowly and move near to the ground. You are to hold it very close to the ground when you move very fast you may not be able to pick those small metals.

Tips: Learn how to dig

It is very necessary for you to understand that digging up an object and leaving no trace is vital, you must use the right tool for excavation and endeavor to cover your holes as soon as you are done and do so properly.  A plug is used to fill a gap; it is a situation where a portion of grass is cut without destroying the roots underground and using the grass to fill and close the hole thereby returning it to its original state. This process helps to return the area to its initial state quicker than allowing it just like that. There are a lot of tools you can use to enable you to achieve your aim. And I will advise you get the necessary tools before going into the field as you may not be able to go back in search of instruments. To enable you to dig a particular area as a result of the texture of the soil, therefore arm yourself and go ahead, it is when you try and make mistakes that are the time you will be able to correct yourself subsequently.

Tips: Bring the right equipment

You cannot venture into metal detecting without the right tools. Therefore, the right equipment is as important as Setting your gear correctly as it will help you stay longer, and you will enjoy the treasure hunt.

It is vital that you understand laws regulating the act of metal detecting. Depending on your location and where you intend to go hunting if it is private property, please take permission and it should be a writing grant to enable you to protect yourself to avoid trespassing. You can ask friends or family members for permission to detect metal on their property. Take note that both State and national parks are out of bounds as rangers will write you and possibly give you a ticket and may even end up confiscating your metal detector. Public properties are good areas to hunt, and there is a lot of a gray area. Parks, beaches, schools, churches go depending on local laws and the people who work there. One of the workers in a park asked me to leave, and I did that, I would have resisted as I knew he had no such powers. I knew that sites where all over therefore why should address join issues with him.

2014-12-19 02.08.49 Tips: research into possible locations

When we talk about the site, I can tell you that the ideal place to detect metals is for you to discover a place where no one has ventured into regarding metal detecting and also a place that gets updated on a regular interval. Doing research on the area you want to carry out a hunt on is key as it will pay you more rather than just going into a site and begin detecting.

High activity sites like parks, school, fairs, sports field, etc. are ideal for a continues metal detecting, It is important to state here that things will always get missing in the areas mentioned earlier. When I bought my first detector, my first point of call was a nearby park, so it is vital to focus on where people relax for a picnic, outfield baseball, where spectators watched. You will be overwhelmed by the number of lost coins and jewelry you will find.

If you intend to go into Old ground you should realize that it is where one will find relics and silver coins; it is good you do your research and locate subsisting sites. Getting a Historical perspective of the location is the key. Is that pack close to your house old? Do you own, or your family does? Or even someone you know have old property? If yes, this can be significant hunting locations (it is easy to get permission for the hunt from them). If you do not, you can conduct the research yourself on Google by looking at old maps; there are plenty of pictures online. Please be informed of local laws and respect private property, but you can decide to explore the forest for it is not out of place, such as depressed land. More especially areas close to the beach as it can be an excellent hunting ground.

The beach is a wealth of great items. From ancient coins to jewelry, the beach will regularly provide the ideal goodies. This so because visitors and nature are always updating it, but it is also common hunting ground and Creativity is highly required while hunting famous beaches. Ensure to do a verification of the crowds and also if the weather is in your favor necessary, especially after a major storm or a low tide. Other good areas are volleyball courts, entrances, and exits to the beach, fire pits (discriminate iron nails). To learn more, do further research and more of practical’s!

Tips: Have reasonable expectations

You will surely find targets, a lot of them. Patience and positivity are necessary if you want this to be a rewarding outing. Another thing I want you to do is to look at the old site, the history of what may have happened to a location will give you a fair knowledge of what to expect. If you find something and have no clue, please go to Google and find what the items are. Possessing a positive attitude will help you appreciate each new find. Invest a lot of time and get a lot of finds. That’s my formula!




Tips: Have a Testing Location

Collect different metals such as coins, jewelry and any other metal you chose to use for your research and head to the field or park where you can test your machine; you will bury the items to the various depth and various location.  I think the local park, playground sand, is ideal, or you may as well develop one yourself. I go to a local volleyball court in a park near my house to test out different goals. Be cautious with ornaments if you choose to take any for examination, you need to tie a piece of rope or fishing line to the jewels, so it is recognized where it is if you bury it for examination. Play with the controls, focusing on balance, discrimination, and sensitivity to ground. Each of these plays a significant role in what your metal detector to find underground.

20131102_095901Tips: Taking Care of Your Metal Detector

My Metal Detector is a XP DEUS, this Detector is really expensive and one of the best metal detectors, so i am taking care of my machine!

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